film editor

Melding pictures and sounds into an emotional story, whether it has to be told
in 30 minutes or 30 seconds – with this focus, I work on
commercials, image films and documentaries for the last eleven years. In 2010,
I became a freelance film editor, working with clients as well as developing
films on my own. For me film editing is a modern way of storytelling, and the best on editing is how differently you can mix all the ingridients into a new story over and over again. And everything is possible! The only one who can stop you is your own imagination that does not dare to try even more.

In Hildesheim, Germany I (born 1977) studied International Information Management. It was then when I discovered Avid Media Composer by chance.
None of my fellow students had used that video editing software, thus I
explored it on my own and was soon the only one to teach Avid editing skills at
my university. As my passion lies in making music and oil paintings, film editing
seemed an attractive melted consequence of these two arts in my career.

Several internships followed at film and tv companies (e.g. jetzt:film, Munich, 
DFA, Frankfurt). But my real first steps into becoming an editor were taken, when
I was employed by Swimming Pool Pictures (Hamburg), who focussed on the
production of commercials. Later, I developed more technical skills at Optix
Digital Pictures (Hamburg). After an intensive learning process the company sent
me to Dubai in order to work as a junior editor. But neither the sun nor the beach
in Dubai could compensate my homesickness. After one year at a new post-
production house Montage (Dubai), I decided to return to Hamburg and work
as a freelance film editor.